“Oh. My. God.
This place, it just, I mean…. The words, I’m at a loss.

The food was fantastic, I had two chicken tacos with lettuce tomatoes and cheese, super basic right?

Well they definitely do not make a basic taco. With the traditional double shell these tacos have juice the right amount of flavor that you still get the freshness of your veggies and that little funk from the cheese. If you don’t normally I recommend you squeeze some lime on your tacos, my husband finally saw my side and now he wont eat them any other way.

You will have juice dripping down your hands so have the napkins at the ready and remember to hunch over when eating these tacos, you don’t want to lose any.
This being more of a quick serve place you wouldn’t think customer service would be their greatest focal point, however every person working regardless of position showed care and concern for every customer that came in.

Such a deceiving little joint hidden in an inconspicuous plaza.

It’s worth the hunt, such a rewarding find.”

– Heather B.
“This place is a hidden gem! It is priced well and absolutely delicious food! We got steak tacos and they were so good and fresh! We will definitely go back!”

– Jennifer W.
To die for burrito with extra meat . I tried this for the first time the other day and I was blown away by the moisture in the burrito and the flavor. There side sauce that’s spicy is awesome too. I’m in love. I will be here every week guaranteed. My daughter loved her small tacos too with extra meat. She’s 3 and never eats tacos.


– Alicia K.
“This place is AMAZING!!!!! Best tacos I’ve ever had in my life !! You need to come here. :)))))))

I am deff coming back SOOOOON.”

– Serena P.
“This is a real find for tacos, burritos, quesadillas and tamales. But there’s also amazing chips and guacamole/salsa and flan! Home-style Mexican food that is prepared with love and served with friendship. So glad I found you guys! The chicken quesadilla with grilled onions was the best I’ve had anywhere! Can’t wait to go back!”

– Ben S.
“Wowww these tacos are so good. I’m not sure I’ve had authentic Mexican before, but I feel like these would def be authentic lol. The tacos are simple, but so flavorful and fresh. I almost feel like I’m eating something healthy because the pico is so good. I’ve also had the Gordita which is a must. Sooo good and really filling. I’ve had the torta before, which is also really good and huge. The plantains are really good too, buttt I do feel like something could make them better. Service was great- fast and friendly. They are priced fairly as well. Def my go to taco place!”

– Amanda A.
“I love this place! The carne asada Torta is incredible and they have every flavor of Jaritos know to man. Best Mexican joint in PBG!!!!”

– Shawn B.
“Really enjoyed the Pastor Burrito, Plantains and Guacamole. Every employee (from cashier to wait staff) exemplified excellent customer service. Perfect for lunch or a quick dinner!”

– Ralph P.
“There’s always people grabbing grub at Taco Chula, with good reason! We have had their tacos, burritos, churros and guacamole. My favorite is Al Pastor. All recommended!”

– Cyn M.
“We had been waiting to come here for months after being referred to by a coworker. Let me just let you! I don’t know why we waited that long!! This place is a hidden gem and truly amazing. I had the Steak tacos and my girlfriend had the Pork torta. It was AMAZING!! Great people and great food. We WILL be back. Thank you.”

– Cassandra B.
“Loved this place. Went there based on yelp reviews. Food was great and the people were awesome. I don’t see customer service like that very often. I had a burrito and had to try a taco. Both were so good, loved them. I messed up the order, but they remade it, even though it was my fault. Not a sit down and eat kind of place. A few tables and bar type seating. But standing room only when i was there. Not real easy to find, in a back corner of a shopping area. Definitely recommend and I will go again.”

– Randy N.
“If you are reading this and never been to Taco Chula, get here now! This is my second visit after having come and sampled some tacos on my first visit. Their Pastor meat (spicy pork w/ pineapple) is where it’s at! This time I’m enjoying their burrito. Easily a new favorite for me. Way better than any chain establishment or franchise here locally! Get to Taco Chula now!”

– Nathan C.
“Someone told me to check this place out.. I’m SO glad I did .. we went for lunch..we love Mexican food and are not that excited usually .. This place will change your mind.. everything is very fresh.. great menu .. we started with the chips pico and guacamole, everything was awesome. I had 3 tacos, spicy pork with pineapple, chicken, and shredded pork .. all were great. My wife had the carne asada Gordita .. amazing I ate every bite she offered … we’re going for dinner … sorry no photos we ate it too fast… next time … do yourself a favor and go !!!

We have been going twice a week now ..”

– Corby K.
“This place is amazing! Small but has seats available inside and outside. The tacos are one of best I’ve ever had. They are close to traditional tacos with just onions, and cilantro and serve on corn tortillas. My favorite is pastor and chorizo especially if you like your tacos spicy. The carne asada, barbacoa, pollo is also delicious. The tacos comes with side of mild and spicy sauce, I’m a huge fan of that. They also have many traditional Mexican drinks options like tamarind soda, horchata etc. It’s a must try place!!”

– Refat N.
“Fantastic food and super cool space. We were more than impressed with everything we ordered for takeout. Chicken burritos, pork tamale, rice and beans, mini flan and churros!!! Every single thing was amazing. Can’t wait to go back!”

– Mary G.
“Amazing and authentic Mexican food, FINALLY in South Florida!! Glorious flavors not smothered with cheese and sour cream, simple and actually remind me of my time living in Mexico. Small space but everything is done right. Highly recommend Carnitas anything, Horchata, Flautas, and Churros with the caramel sauce. Oh my word, just stellar”

– Erika L.
“I was recommended to eat here by a friend and I tell you the best tacos and gorditas,you need to order or come here to eat authentic and legit Mexican food.”

– Otto M.
“It was really good , and I just moved back here from California,so I’ve tasted really good Mexican food. This place will not disappoint. I’ll be back.”

– Joe M.
“This place surpassed all expectations! The food was incredible and the staff were so helpful and friendly. We will definitely keep coming back for more!”

– Lyndi C.
“The food is absolutely delicious!!! The meat is always so juicy and full of flavor. Excellent service and really friendly staff! By far some of the best authentic Mexican food I’ve ever had!”

– Ashley E.
“Just got takeout from here for the first time about 20 minutes ago and it’s already my favorite restaurant.”

– Andy H.
“Most amazing food I’ve ever tasted! Gorditas are insanely good!”

– Alisha A.
“Been going here sense they opened & let me tell it’s the best Authentic Mexican food I have ever tasted the service is fast & the food amazing wouldn’t change it for the world highly recommend!!!”

– Ama V.
“First time eating here today and it was absolutely delicious! I’ve only ever had good horchata in colorado and being back on the east coast this was amazing! The chorizo burrito is amazing and the salsa verde is super tasty. I would recommend everybody to go here. Service was pretty fast and they let you know if what you’re ordering is larger than what you think. Just all around awesome!”

– Arleen M.
“Menu is small and focused, and everything on it is superb.”

– Brian G.
“Don’t change a single thing! Not a thing! And I’ll stay loyal till I die. I’ve been in the restaurant business for many years, and It’s amazing to see a business pop up nearby and absolutely nail it. I get the Al Pastor burrito every time. And they are 10 for 10 on picture perfect execution. You’d think it was all 3D printed, it’s so perfect. The place is clean as an operating room. Service is as good as it gets.”

– John J.
“Awesome authentic Mexican food. Outstanding service and really fresh ingredients, whenever in the area this is my go to spot for a good meal. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. Trust me you’ll LOVE IT.”

–Geraldo R.
“By far my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant! The food is just outstanding! Staff is extremely friendly and the BURRITOS are to die for!

We need more places like this in the area! Thank you Taco Chula!”

– Jeffery L.
“Real, authentic Mexican tacos are about as hard to come by as the original sour head hard candies. But thank God Taco Chula is here. Awesome, delicious tacos paired with an amazing beer selection in this hole in the wall location, is what eating Mexican food in America is all about.”

– George A.
“I can’t stop thinking about my chicken quesadilla with sautéed onions. They are the best I have ever had. They come with a great HOT SAUCE, some tasty sour cream to keep it cool and some of their fantastic chips. I can’t eat both pieces, so I end up with two great meals. Everything i have tried here becomes a favorite. I have to keep working my way through this menu, oh what fun! The people that work there are warm, accommodating and will make sure you understand the menu. Im so luck to live within ten minutes of the restaurant. Be sure and give this gem a try, you won’t be sorry!”

– Debra H.